How to Keep Specific Cookies and Delete Others


jim evans

I delete cookies each time I start the browser. But, some cookies are
useful and I want to keep them. I used to do this by copying any
cookies I wanted to keep to a special folder, then copying the
contents of this folder to the cookie folder after deleting all
cookies left from the last session. But, within the last year or so
this method has quit working for some reason. The saving and copying
works, but the websites no longer recognize their cookies or the
browser is not presenting them to the website.

Does anybody know why the above method doesn't work anymore?

If not, does anybody know a how to implement this scheme in some other

Please don't post to tell me I should not worry about cookies.


jim evans

Excellent. Looks perfect. Thanks.

BTW, do you know a way to prevent the "Operation Successful Cookie
files deleted successfully" box from popping up. I run it when I
start the browser, so this nagging becomes annoying. Unchecking the
"Confirm Cookies Deletion" option only seems to prevent and even more
elaborate confirmation screen form appearing.


Anthony Giorgianni

Hmmm...I don't get that box after I click the "Eat all cookies" button

Anthony Giorgianni

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