How to install printers as 'User'?



Currently, all our domain users are a members of the 'local admin' group on
their PC. Obviously not the smartest solution, but it was a quick fix for
what we needed to do. Now, we are looking into dropping all domain users to
the 'Users' group. We have been able to get around all of our security
issues except for one. Does anyone know a slick way to allow normal users to
install printers? Worst case, we could make all domain users 'Power Users',
but we'd really like to stay away from that.

We use a lot of scripts in our day to day activities (Winbatch scripts
most). I was hoping that I may be able to essentially call a "RunAs" routine
to install a new printer (RunAs a local Admin account in the background, then
install the printer for everyone's use) I can't figure out how to do this
tho. Does anyone have any ideas?

The reason I ask is sometimes end-users may be out in the field and need to
install a client's local printer.


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