How to import .pst from OL2000 on D: to OL2003 on C:



We have just installed a new hard drive in the PC (C:) and relegated the old
drive to D: The old drive has a version of Outlook 2000 and the new drive
has a copy of Outlook 2003. We would like to take the data from the old
Outlook and Import it to the newer version. However, when we follow the
instructions for Importing a file (.pst) it bombs out because the target .pst
file is nested in a hidden subdirectory and is itself a hidden file. What
are we doing wrong??? Any help would be gratefully received.



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

I don't understand why you would import a PST file. PST is Outlook's native
format. You have no need to convert it to anything else.
Just open it.

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