How to get win 2000 to shutdown computer without manual shutdown.



I want win 2000 to close down and shutoff my computer. What it does now is
just goes to the "it is safe to shutdown..." and I have to shut off. My
machine does not shutoff when you push in the power button. Instaed it
shutsoff then restarts. I have to use the power on back to shutdown. I know
this can be made to shutdown the whole machine. My other computer
automatically does it.
Clues? : )
Thank you all


Wow....if you really tried and completed all those procedures in less than 2
hours, bravo, you're very efficient. Since you imply that all tests were
negative, then your alternative course may only be the standard cure-all for all
system problems: Backup your data, Reformat the drive and Reinstall everything.

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