How to get WDS and rules for search for literal "*" in subjects


Ken Wallewein

I've never seen anything indicating wildcards are support for
Outlook-related searching, but it appears they are, in some limited way.

I'm trying to create an email rule to automaticaly file inbound messages
that have "**ALERT**" in the subject line. The rules seem to ignore them.
If I do a WDS search, it does too, if I include the leading "**" in the
search string.

If I just search for "ALERT**", it finds any messages that have "alert" in
the subject line. "ALERT*P" finds any with "ALERTS" followed by any text
and a "P". So, clearly, it's using wildcards. Where is that documented?

More importantly, how do I turn it off? What if I want to search for a
literal asterisk? I tried to escape it with a preceeding "^", but that
didn't work.

Ken Wallewein
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neo [mvp outlook]

<guess> if you need to search for an asterisk, the try escaping it with the

Ken Wallewein

Thanks, but nope, that didn't help either.

Microsoft writes some of the most useless help documentation anywhere.


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