How to get rid of numbering in one section?


Tom Duprex

Using Word 2002. I'm having trouble eliminating page numbers in one
section of a document. I have section breaks between the title page,
table of contents, and body of the document. I've managed to set up
Roman numeral numbering in the TOC and cardinal numbering in the body.
Somehow the Cover page has picked up Roman numeral numbering. It begins
with (i). The Roman numeral numbering starts again for the TOC so it is
fine. I click on the title page and view the footer. I then select the
centered gray background page number and delete it. With that my
numbering for the entire document disappears.

How do I just get word to know I want no numbering to apply just on the
title page section?


Tom Duprex

Tom Duprex <tduprex[at]gtcinternet[dot]com> stated in

I found the answer: It was in the "Same as Previous" button. When I
added a Title sheet I must have added a footer to date the entire
document. At that time Word apparently defaults to Same as Previous for
the rest of the document. By unselecting SAP on the View header/footer
when in the second section, I was able to delete the page numbers on
the title and blank page, which were in the first section. If there is
more to this I should know about please comment.

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