Page Number Troubleshooting


Chris Ellis

Hi all,

THE ISSUE: I have a document with page numbering in the header in the "PageX of XX" format. The page numbering is correct and remain correct if I update the fields. Pages 2-21 (the end of the document), however, all display "Page 21 of 21".

THINGS I'VE TRIED: I have tried deleting and reinserting the fields (from the ribbon pre-made feature and manually creating them), copy/pasting from another document that is working correctly, resetting the "continue from previous section" function in the Page Number Format window without any success.


The document has 4 sections, but the issue begins 2 pages into section 1.

Also, I can copy/paste the page number from the heading of any page into the body of the same page, and the pasted field works correctly.

Stefan Blom

Verify that what you have are the correct fields ({ PAGE } for the page
number and { NUMPAGES } for the total page count) in all headers and
footers. To show/hide filed codes, press Alt+F9 on your keyboard.

If it still doesn't work, try the workarounds in the article at


Thanks Stefan for the reply. Nothing, unfortunately, seems to help the situation. I ended up copy/pasting the entire text of the document into anotherfile and the page numbering works perfectly in the second document. Unfortunately, the change tracking history is lost in doing this. But it resolvesthe issue at hand. Thanks again!


Stefan Blom

OK, you are tracking changes. In that case, for field results to display
correctly, you will have to accept all changes and then turn off the

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