How to get from child Opportunity or Task, to CONTACT


Raiford Brookshire

By clicking on the Account in the Contact does take you to the Account, But
when you are in a child items like Task, Opportunity, etc. How can we get
back to the parent (Contact or Account) ???

this would be nice if you are going through the opportunity window to open
an oppotunity and then go directly to the Contact to follow up. same with
the Task.


The good new is they've fixed this in the v3 beta. The activity's form shows
the parent and double clicking on it opens the parent's form.



This is definitely and odd limitation: We use Opportunities to track ongoing
customer contact, and more often than not need to review all customer details.

The only way we've found to do it is to select the text in the account,
ctrl-c, then paste it into the "Search" box at the top of the form. BCM will
find the account and pop it up.

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