How to fix corrupt outlook 2003 pst for opening with outlook 2007



I copied my OL 2k3 pst to a new PC. When I try to open this pst in OL 2k7, I
get an error that the pst is corrupt and to run the scanpst.exe. I run the
scanpst.exe and this encounters errors and will not fix any data.

Do I need to do something with the OL 2k3 pst for it to open in OL 2k7?


I do not know the answer to your question.

I use a free program by an Outlook MVP "Outlook Tools." and it makes a
backup and then fixes the error.

I hope this help you


Might depend on the process used to copy the origonal, its this process that
may have corrupted the pst, if so scanpst will not repair it
eg copying a pst, whilst OL is still running as a process will corrupt the

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