How to enable Autostart in XP Home SP2




During VWWare installation, a pop up message instructed me to disable
AutoStart feature on my system, which I obediently 'OK'ing. However after
sometime I decided to uninstall VMWare and would like re-enable Auto Start
again. How to do it? When I 'google'ed for solution, it seems like everyone
wants to disable this feature and some peoples did mention about using Tweak
UI, which I do not prefer. Please assist me


TweakUI is preferable because it is from Microsoft and it's small and
it's easy to use.

I love Autoplay and Autorun, some hate it. Talk about security is moot
if it's a home computer without public access and you don't insert
unknown disc's.


Ron Badour

From a post by MVP Pegasus:

Click Start / Run / control userpasswords2 {Enter}
- Tick the box that requires users to enter a password.
- Click your account name.
- Untick the box that requires users to enter a password.
- Click OK.
- Enter the password for your account when prompted.
If it is a blank password, click OK.

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