How to eliminate multiple user profiles



Windows XP (Home) permits multiple user profiles. These create a set of
icons at bootup for each user. However, now we'd like to get rid ogf
individual users, and have a single profile, which doesn't cause the choices
to be presented at startup.

In the Documents and Settings Folder there appear to be a set of somewhat
duplicated folders, one for each user, for all users, for owner, and guest.
I assume I'd have to delete some of these, but which? And how?



Graham Mayor

This is a question for a Windows XP newsgroup, however the basic premise is
that you reset Word > control panel > users to remove the unwanted users,
leaving just yourself as administrator. This will reduce the log on options
to just the one user (I'd recommend keeping the password. Removal of the
password will eliminate the log-on screen and render your machine vulnerable
to tampering)..

You can then delete the unwanted users' folders from Documents & Settings.
What user folders there will be depends on how Windows was originally
configured, but I would recommend only removing the folders for the users
you have deleted. Note that removing the documents sub folders from these
user folders will delete any data they contain so if there is anything there
that might be needed, copy it first. Frankly these user folders take up so
little room on your hard drive, that until you know what you are doing, you
can leave them in place. They will not interfere with your future use of

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