how to easily add contacts to a public contacts folder or "custom"folder.



We are running Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003. In outlook, one of the
users has thousands of emails. We want to add those contacts into a
contact folder that can be accessed by everyone in the organization.
As far as I understand the only way to do that is to click on each
email and then right click and choose "add contact". But when I do
that the contact gets added to the users personal "Contacts" folder. I
want them to be added to a different folder that can be viewed by
everyone (like a "Public" contacts folder).
Is this possible?

Thank you,

Oliver Vukovics

Hi Max,

you can use the freeware tool "Public Mail 2 Contact" to create for every
email a new contact.

You can create in your Personal Folder a contac t folder like "Contacts from
Mail", then you can start the program to create a new contact for every
e-mail address that is stored in an email. Then you can move the contacts
from the Personal Folder to the public contact folder or you can move also
the complete "Contacts from Mail" folder to the "Public Folder".

The freeware tool is avalable on this Microsoft websites:


Thank you very much for a great suggestion! I will take a look at the
In the meantime the issue is, though, adding new Contact when they
appear. I have changed the default location to the Public Contacts
folder (Tools-Address Book->Tools->Options "Keep Personal Contacts
in:" Public Contacts.).
However, when I add the contact it does not appear in that folder.
When I try to add it again, it tells me that that contact already
exists, and if I cancel the contact shows up.
Any Ideas?

Thank you.

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