How to do Appendix Numbering in Word 2008?



Hello, Everyone:

I use Word 2008 for Mac (Version 12.1.1) on a Mac OS X (Version

I like to number my appendices and subsections therein like

Appendix A: Test of Appendices

A.1 Test of Subsection

A.2 Test Again

I fiddled with "Bullets and Numbering" -> "Outline Numbered" ->
"Customize" quite a bit and succeeded just once by a fluke, but it has
since not been working. It is easy to make Appendix A, Appendix B,
etc. to work, but not the subsections A.1, A.2. And very often the
option "Apply change to" is simply NOT active.

Do I have to use "Heading 6" for "Appendix A", "Appendix B", etc. and
"Heading 7" for "A.1", "A.2", etc.?

Thank you for reading and replying.


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