how to disable windows explorer drag and drop




Does any know how to disable windows explorer drag and
drop and keep cut copy and paste intact? Google gave me
lots of options but none of them worked.


Scott Harding - MS MVP

I don't think this is possible......never heard of anything to do this. I
would imagine that this is part of Explorer.exe and cannot be removed!!??!
Aug 7, 2008
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For my work I was also looking for this option and I tried this:

Log in as an Administrator and right-click* on C: then Properties and Security.
In Group or user names click on Users (for example).
The only thing I deny (check) is the Write option (Full Control and Modify will also be unchecked)
Then Apply and OK
Restart the computer

Now you will see that drag and drop (copy and paste) will not work in Windows Explorer (only in Documents and Settings\User) , but……

*by choosing C: the user will also not be able to save (for example a document) to C:, but only to My Documents, and installing programs is only possible if you are an Administrator

In the Advanced menu (Properties, Security, Advanced, Permission and double-click Users in Permission entries), there are more option to choose from. (or by choosing maps and secure them seperately, but that is a lot of work).
I haven´t tried the Advanced menu yet.

For me securing C: is enough​

Good Luck

FrankL68 (from the Netherlands)

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