How to disable drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer?


Marc Cueni

Hi there,
We have more and more problems with unintentional moved
folders on our shares - due to uncontrolled drag-and-drop
from not-carefull-enough users...

We are thinking of disabling drag and drop for file moving
and copying in Windows Explorer.

It could be a partial disabling:
Left mouse button drag-and-drop disabled but right mouse
button drag-and-drop would be available with its current
context menu when dropping

Another partial disabling: for one share or the other /
for one folder and its siblings

It could be an application-wide disabling - no drag and
drop for Windows Explorer.

Are one or all these different scenarios implementable,
and how?

I know we could activate an audit on delete, but our
servers security logs would explode and the file sharing
throughput probably slow down...

Thanks for any help or suggestion.


Marc Cueni
IT manager


I am also having the same problem with drag and drop. I have searched the
group policy settings for windows explorer and have come up with nothing for
disabling this feature. If anyone has any help or suggestions it would be
greatly appreciated.

Charlene Brouns
Network Admin

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