Disable drag and drop



Hi Guys,

I have asked this question a few times in different places but have
not really found any answers, so I am trying again here.
Is there any way of disabling the drag and drop feature in windows
One the users in our company suffers from Parkinson's Disease, which
results in a loss of motor control and shaking of the hands. This has
led to him inadvertently misplacing files and folders not only on his
own machine, but on the server. So far we have been able to retrieve
most of the things he has replaced or moved or lost, but it is only a
matter of time before we loose something that important and can't get
it back.

I have tried a lot of suggestions, but have yet to find one that
disables drag and drop in windows explorer.
I did hear about a registry hack that could stop it, but I have not
found the hack so have not been able to try it.

Anyone on here got any ideas?
Cheers, S

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