Drag and drop confirmation prompt in XP "Windows Explorer"?




Windows XP SP2
Simple Workgroup configuration, no domain controller
Internet Explorer 6

At work there is someone who sometimes accidentally move folders on the
network drive to a different location with mouse drag and drop.
I see that, when I check the backup log files for that drive. Sometimes the
backup job must copy gigabytes just because one project folder was
accidentally moved.

I can not apply security rules to the folders, because this would be very
much work to maintain. And some folders must stay moveable.
Also this user(s) could accidentally drag/drop files and folders on the
local drives as well, and maybe make important applications unuseable.

I think the best way is to change drag and drop.

So I found this
and adding a confirmation prompt is exactly the cure for this ill.

This works very good on the windows 2000 machines, but somehow the change
does nothing on XP SP2 - drag and drop in windows file explorer is untouched
by this change.

Is there a way to apply a confirmation prompt on XP?



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