How to develop Smart Client application?



Hi all, I want to develop a smart client application so that I can use
features like one click update, easy deployment, offline ...

Which development tool i should choose to start the project?
VS.NET 2003 or VS.NET 2005 beta

Would it be difficult to develop smart client application by using
VS.NET 2003?

I heard it's more easy to use VS.NET 2005 to develop smart client and
easier to implement its features??

any one can help?



Thanks Rob :)

I've been visited these sites before and still couldn't figure out what
platforms i should start.
E.g. If I choose to use VS.NET 2003, seems I need to do more coding
like handling many application blocks ...

Rob Windsor [MVP]

You're right, you need to do more manually if you use VS.NET 2003. If you
don't mind using Beta software or you can wait until the end of the year for
the new version to be released, you should go with VS.NET 2005.

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