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Brian Sokolnicki

I have a question regarding versioning with a Smart Client and a Web

If we deploy an updated web service for some reason (say we rearrange the
parameters on a function call, or added a new one) before we deploy the
updated smart client, when the smart client attempts to call the web service
function, either data is passed in the wrong order or you get an exception
that not enough parms were passed.

What are my options for the Smart Client detecting this and react by either
exiting or disabling that feature until an updated application is available?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.

Luke Zhang [MSFT]

Hi Brian,

I think we may detect the change of web service in client code. For
example, when it call the web service and failed for some reason, it may
throw such an exception and tell user the web service call failed and he
may expect a new update for his client application avaliable soon.

Anyway, we had better update the client and web service at same time, so
this problem wouldn't happen.


Luke Zhang

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