how to detect trojans and worms



hi i have a question that hopefully someone would atend
to it. i currently have a firewall but it always alerts
on about trojan / subseven/kuang etc......for ex:

A computer at has attempted an
unsolicited connection to TCP port 27374 on your computer.
TCP port 27374 is commonly used by the "Sub 7 Trojan
Scan" service or program. The source computer has scanned
your computer for this trojan, but it has been blocked by
your firewall.

will someone enlighten me on how am i being vulnerable to
such attacks because i often a times diable my firewall
to receive some files from friends online. how am i
going to detect/remove/repair. thank you so much

Miha Pihler


Any antivirus should be able to detect this Trojans if they are installed on
your PC.

Sub 7 has two parts. One is "server" and the other is "client". In this case
client calls you PC as if it was server. If it was a server, client would
have full access to your PC. It could shut down PC, open CD tray, run
programs, sniff passwords, etc...
My guess is someone is just looking randomly for infected PCs. Well to make
sure run antivirus on your PC. Don't forget to update your antivirus for
latest virus signatures.

You can also check for any SpyWare or AdWare on your PC. Download AdAware
from Just like antivirus you have to update it's

I hope this helps you out.

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