How to - Delete Duplicate Files


Alistair Coe

Is there a way I can delete files that were created on
the same date, same size and same name? ie copies of
files in different folders?

I am helping a friend reorganize his files. Other people
have tried to help him but have copied all his files
several times into new areas. He has 7 'My Document'
folders now! However, he has saved new files to each new
area so I can't just delete entire folders and subfolders.

I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me if I can
automatically delete these duplicates.


Chris Nelson

You could use the Robocopy utility (found in resource
kit) to obtain the latest and greatest of everything. I
would recommend the following:

1. Pick the My Docs folder that you want to be the only
2. Run Robocopy between your number one and each of the
other folders one at a time.

Robocopy will copy everything into the My Docs folder and
will not duplicate, it will copy the most recent version
of the file or overwrite if necessary to leave you with
the most recent version. Then, one by one, you can get
rid of the other My Docs folders. Be sure to read the
help documentation (i.e. robocopy.exe /?) It provides a
great explanation of all possible commandline switches.

Hope this helps,

Chris Nelson

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