how to delete a video decoder ?



i think to know why in my pc portable with windows XP
professional and Media center Edition 2005 and Roll Up2
When i use the "old" nero 6 all OK !!! But when i install
the "new" nero 7 or nero 8 .... the video file recorded on
the media center (video file: DVR_MS) the DVREdit
to cut the tv spoy and the Windows media Player-10
not see this video file DVR_MS, closed immediatly
and send a ERROR report to microsoft ....

The PROBLEM is check with the microsoft DECCHECK
video decoder check:
When i install and use nero 6 the ONLY cyberlink video
decoder is installed in my system, but when i install or
Nero 7 or nero 8 the Nero video Decoder is enable
whit a green arrow !!!!! i think is this my problem !
in nero 6 the nero video decoder is banned with a red
cross !
NOW, in how mode when i install nero 7 i not install
(like nero6 !) this nero Video Decoder ?
help me ....

this the screen and log:
log and the 2 screen of microsoft check decoders:

only the screen of nero 7, MY PROBLEM !!! :

please in HOW mode when i install Nero 7 not install
the nero video decoder ? see please the nero 7 screen picture!





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