How to control Windows Firewall (XP Service Pack 2) at CLIENT Level




I am wondering if someone can tell me how can do this. I am running
some Windows XP Computers (SP2) with SBS2003. I want the users of these
computers to be able to control the on/off settings of the Windows
Firewall locally.

I do know how to turn it on/off network wide, this is not what I want
though. How can I make it so each user can configure this themselves?

I have gone into the group policy -> Small Business Server Windows
Firewall -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> Network Connections
-> Windows Firewall both Standard and Domain and configured the setting
"Protect all Network Connections" to be "Not Configured" This then
states that this allows Administrators are allowed to turn off or on
Windows Firewall in the Control Pane, unless Prohibit use of internet
firewall on your domain DNS network overides it"

So I also went to that group policy and tried that with both disabled
not configured.

This does not do anything, The Windows Firewall settings are still
greyed out in the Control Panel.

What am I missing?




Unless each user is the local admin of their machines they cannot change the


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