How to connect portable media player with car stereo


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Portable media player such as iPod, MP3 player and digital music
downloading are slowly replacing compact disc, while CDs are still
used as common method for listening to music on the go. Most new cars
come with iPod/MP3 player technology built-in but majority of people
do not own new cars and costly to upgrade car compare to upgrade from
CD player to MP3 player. This article introduce you some methods to
connect portable media player to your car stereo.

If your Portable media player support Bluetooth and you have Bluetooth
capable car stereo then you have option to connect it with Bluetooth
supported car receiver. Clarion Bluetooth CD / USB / MP3 / WMA
Receiver Model one if the example. Bluetooth supported car receiver
work same as pair any Bluetooth device between Portable media player
and stereo system.

Auxiliary Port
Most car stereos come with auxiliary port which is look small round
connection type similar with headphone jack. You can connect your
stereo system with Portable media player using auxiliary cables which
is quite cheap.

Portable Media Player Specific Adapter
Besides auxiliary adapter, you can use iPod or MP3 player specific
adapter to charge your iPod or MP3 player while connect to car stereo
system for long trip.

FM Transmitter
FM transmitters can be used with any car that gets radio stations
because it require only radio and cigarette outlet to function. Main
downside of FM transmitters is require changing stations to ensure
sound quality signal. Some FM transmitters able to charge Portable
media player while connecting.

Cassette Tape Adapter
Cassette tape adapters used to convert signal from Portable media
player to cassette and will not charge Portable media player. Cassette
tape adapters are quite cheap and can be purchased from eBay.

Each type of connection mentioned above have pros and cons. If you
decide to upgrade car stereo, it should have ready technology for you
to connect to most type of portable media player. For people who use
iPod frequently then wireless Bluetooth option is good choose, while
occasional iPod users can go with wired connection.


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