How to compress a music wav file



I have worked on a pp presentation that includes photo pictures from a
community service project which I have included music. I have compressed the
pictures, but the music has made the file 40MB. I recently used PPT
minimizer hoping to reduce the file by 96 percent. It only reduce the file
to a 35.1 MB file. Is there any other way to reduce my file without having
to delete pictures and the wav file. The wav file is 3.20 minutes in length
and a total fo 34 slides.



TAJ Simmons

Karen G

If you open the music in a free audio editor like 'audacity'

Then save it as a 'mono' file - instead of 'stereo' that will have the quick
fix of making it half the size.

Another alternative is to convert the file to something called MP3 instead
of .wav

That will shrink it to about 4mb.

You could also (probably!) make the pictures smaller in filesize without
sacrificing the quality

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How big is the wav file? Try compressing your wav file before inserting it
into PowerPoint (get it to less than 10mb). You can search online for free
wav converter software.

You can also try saving your presentation as a web page to test and see
which file is causing the bloat. To do so, click File > Save as. Under save
as type, click on the dropdown, select Web Page (*.htm or *.html).
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Sandy Johnson

Hello Karen,

In this case I'd convert it to an mp3 using a sound editing program, then
using the free converter CDEX add a wav header to the mp3 to make it
embeddable. This way you have the compression on an mp3 and the
embeddability (is that a word?) of a wav.


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