Adding Music and still make the PowerPoint Shows small



I am currently using PowerPoint 2007. I have tried to add music to my
PowerPoint Presentations, and make the Presentation/Shows as small as
possible. However; I can use a small wave file, and the presentation then
grows upward to 25+ mb, depending on the song and the number of slides I use.
I have received PowerPoint Presentations via e-mail, with music and a number
of slides, and they are only around 2 mb. When I create a presentation, I do
a tools, format, compress, for the pictures, before creating the show, but
sometimes that still turns out to be a rather large file. How can I make my
presentations/shows smaller? I usually use anywhere from 20 - 25 slides, and
even after I do a compress, the presentation is still 8 mb. I am using the
resolution for the each slides at 96dpi. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I have found that PowerPoint states that it only accepts Wav files,
and not MP3's, which just adds more size to the show, because Wav files are
so large. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your response(s).



PowerPoint does accept MP3s. The downside is : music is linked, not
embedded. Meaning, if you mail it out, your recipient cannot hear the music,
unless you include the MP3 file with the e-mail.
Wav sound files are huge. Here is your rescue : install CDex. It disguises
MP3 as Wav while maintaining the file size the SAME as the original MP3.
Cdex link :


Jean-Pierre Forestier [MVP[

Hi John just to say : in your diagram N°2 where your add "convert", could be
intersting you enlarge the screen shot 'cause just under "convert" there is
RIFF WAVE to click on and it's not on your screen capture

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