How to change XP registry on Windows Media Player



Installed Win XP SP2
Window Media Player 10

Recently have had problems streaming videos. Video picture tends to go
off after a couple of frames by audio continues playing. No problem
with downloading files, or bandwidth, as I subscribe to wireless cable.
Also have all the appropriate codec files.

Tried streaming the same video from a friends house using similar
broadband connection, and there was no problem.

I initially used ADSL for internet connection, and that might have
caused Windows XP to change the registry settings to optimise both
streaming and download in accordance of ADSL. Currently am using
wireless cable, and I believe that the streaming is adversely affected
by this.

Have tried disalarming firewall, unchecking UDP, etc (in accordance to
Microsoft's help suggestion for these sort of related problems), but it
hasn't helped.

Any suggestions????


If you run intel internet connection software/drivers,in internet
open,then press the configure tab,this gets you the bps connection rate,see
where youre at.Or/and try R.clicking on the video,select save as,save to desk
top,view on desktop.Other than that,video burns memory,hows youre display
adapter and memory ram,you may not have enough....

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