How to bring non Word documents to Word 2007 in the same format



Hi, I think I am a very bright guy(two doctorates), but admit I am computer
iliterate in certain areas. I would like to bring some legal documents to
2007 Word in the same format that they are in and highlight certain sentences
for emphasis. When I bring such a legal document to Word 2007 it only shows
the sentences of the actual legal document but not even looking closely like
the original document. I heard that the OCR makes this impossible to do and
if that is the case then I am left with taking a yellow highlighter and
highlighting these sentences myself and then making copies of them with my
copier. Please tell me there is a better way otherwise it would seem for me
to be able to do this, I would have to type the document in Word 2007 myself
and then be able to highlight it . Is there a way I can bring a non Word
document to Word 2007, through scanning and have it appear just as it does,
and be able to highlight certain sentences? Dr. Robert



Gordon Bentley-Mix

It would help to know what format they're in now and what mechanism you wish
to use to "bring [them] to 2007 Word".



Graham Mayor

If the documents are only available from a print-out on paper then OCR is
the only way to make them editable in Word. OCR as ylu are beginning to
appreciate is an impefect tool and even the best such software (such as
Finereader) will often make a hash of it. There is no answer to this apart
from a lot of editing work.

If you have the disc copy of the document, Word is able to open some other
Wordprocessor files, albeit with the aid of a converter, which may take you
closer than where you are now.

If the format is PDF and you have Acrobat (not merely the reader) you could
annotate it from Acrobat.

If the format is merely a set of scanned images, and you want paper copies
of the annotated document, then you can do that with the SnagIt editor -
there is a fully working trial version.

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