Word 2007 Find/Highlight Function



In Word 2007, the Find function allows you to find and highlight words or
phrases in a document. However, saving the document with those 'found' words
highlighted does not save the highlighted text. Additionally, if searching
for multiple different words in a document, when you search on a 2nd or
subsequent word, the 1st or previous 'found' word highlight all disappear.
This functionality was possible in Word 2003 and XP environment.
Question: In Word 2007, is there a way to highlight and keep highlighted
multiple word searches/highlighted words and save the document with the words

Stefan Blom

Use Find and Replace to apply Highlight formatting to the text:

To open the dialog box, press Ctrl+H.

"Find what": (enter the text that you are searching for)

"Replace with": ^&

With the insertion point in the "Replace with" box, click the More button.
Click Format, Highlight. Click Replace All.

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