How to boost/increase sound level beyond maximum in "Open Volume Control" ?


Sebastian Kaist

Occasionally I view some videos on my notebook. Unfortunately some of them
have a very poor (=low) sound record level. Even if I turn on the notebook speaker to maximum
(in Open Volume Control) and to maximum in the software player the sound is rather quiet.

However from other videos I know that I can get much more out of my notebook speakers. So physically
it must work somehow.

I could extract the audio track and re-encode it with a higher volume level.
But this requires too much effort.

I could imagine that there is a "Booster" utility which helps me to increase the volume on-the-fly
beyond the maximum boundary of the slider in Open Volume COntrol.

Alternatively maybe there is a filter between video player software and soundcard driver which do the job.

Has someone an idea ?


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