How to block sender if you don't have a message available?



I found the following using "Help":

"If you want to add a sender to the Blocked Senders list and you don't have
a message from that sender available, you can add the sender's address
manually. To do this, click the Message menu, point to Junk e‑mail, and then
click Junk e‑mail Options. Click the Blocked Senders tab, click Add, type the
e‑mail address you'd like to block, and then click OK."

Unfortunately, when I point to "Junk e-mail", there is nothing shown as
"Junk e‑mail Options". How do I add a sender's address manually? It looks
as though the help option isn't for the current version of Mail.


I answered my own question...they've moved "junk e-mail options" to the
"tools" area, not the "message" area. They forgot to update the "help"
response to reflect this...


Cal Bear '66

Sorry, should be:

Menu bar > T o o l s > Junk E-mail Options.., > Blocked Senders tab, Add button

Cal Bear '66

Another option if you don't even ever want to see the person's messages at all,
is to create a message rule that deletes that person's mail from the server.

Menu > Tools > Message Rules > Mail > New button > 1. check Where the From line
contains people, 2. check Delete it from server, 3. Click on the contains people
and enter whatever the sender uses in the From field, and click the Add button.

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