how to block access to ad-hoc networks?



Hi! We have a school situation where students take their laptops home, and
participate in peer-to-peer networking, mostly for games. When they come
back, the network is littered with ad-hoc network advertizing. This disrupts
wireless operations. On XP it was possible to right-click on the wireless
goodjie on the taskbar, and go into advanced properties, and tell the
computer to ignore ad-hoc networks, accepting only WAPs.

I can't find this setting in Vista. I'm sure it's somewhere, but Vista has
moved eveything around and I get lost. Nothing comes up in the help, or on
the Windows Vista KB.

Can someone tell me how to get to where I can change this setting in Vista?




Dear Mr. Cross,

Forgive me for complaining, but this is only marginally helpful. In XP
there was a simple set of radio buttons, to select "ad-hoc only",
"infrastructure only", or "don't care". I'm sure this command line utiity
works, but it is a step backward from the simple interface under XP. Is that
totally gone now?


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