How to advance automatically to next slide after a movie clip!




Would like to know how to setup my slide show in the following way:

I have one slide which contains a movie file. After the movie clip finishes
playing I would like the presentation to automatically move on the the next
slide... Currently, when the movie clip finishes, the slide just stays there
with a black box (where the movie was shown). All my other slides are
manually advanced to the next slide, but just for this one slide that
contains the movie clip I would like to automatically advance to next slide.

Thanks for any help / ideas!



You can simply set that one slide with a timed transition. Find out the
length of the video clip, open the transition menu from the Slide Show
menu, and you should find a couple of check boxes near the bottom of
the task pane. One says "On mouse click", and the other says
"Automatically after". Check "Auto after" and set the timer below to
the length of your clip. You may have to tweak the timing a bit to get
it just right.

Hope that helps.

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