How to add a shared contact folder to the Address book OL2007



My boss has shared his contacts with me (Outlook 2007 and Exchange server).
I can open his shared folder in my Outlook 2007 Contact Pane, but... He has
nearly 1000 contacts, and the search doesn't work. Also, this folder will
not show up as an address book, so for instance, if I would like to send an
e-mail, I cannot select to send to a contact in his contact list.

So, what do I have to do to be able to
a) get search working (now it alwas returns 0 results)
b) get this shared contact folder added as an address book




I'm having the same issue. How do I have a shared users contacts show
up in the address book?

The local contact can be added by right clicking the contact folder
and adding to address book, but that option does not appear for the
shared users contacts.

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