HOw to actually "check in" a dog to a kennel



I've worked on this project for myself for a while. I figured out other way
to do this, but now I want to accomplish my biggest step.

I understand the tables & ideas behind the "hotel" reservation. I can build
the tables & even part of the forms. Kennels are the rooms.

My thinking is a reservation is a dog that about to come in, but not here
Check in is when a dog is here. Check out is when a dog is not here.

How do I actually check a dog into a certain kennel & check them out of a

Similar to the Inside out access 2003 book where they click on BOOK IT and
the dog is in the kennel, etc.

Is there a way to explain this idea.

Albert D. Kallal

I would think the most easy way to accomplish this would be to have a form
with startdate (and time if need be), and end date.

When you bring up the screen, you then see that you have booking
information, but a room (kennel) has not yet been assigned. So, I guess if a
kennel has not been assigned, then the person is not yet booked.

I suppose you could also build in a situation where you assign the start/end
date, and kennel, have some type of "checked" in box to verify that the
actually person/dog has arrived.
How do I actually check a dog into a certain kennel & check them out of a

Simply enter a start + end date into your booking form.
Similar to the Inside out access 2003 book where they click on BOOK IT and
the dog is in the kennel, etc.

Why not look at the code from the above then?

You really only need to store the kennel number, startdate/time,
endDate/time. Once you entered this information, the booking is DONE!!

You don't allow a booking if a collson occurs.

The trick in a booking system is to only store the start and end date of the

And, to prevent collisions, the logic here is quite simple:

A collision occurs when:

RequestStartDate <= EndDate
RequestEndDate >= StartDate

The above is thus a rather simply query, but if any collision occurs, the
above will return records..and you simply don't allow the booking. In other
words, since we NEVER allow booking with a collision, then the above simply
statement will work for us.

dim strWhere as string
dim dtRequeestStartDate as date
dim dtRequestEndDate as date

dtRequestStartDate = inputbox("Enter start Date")
dtRequestEndDate = inputbox("Enter end date")

strWhere="#" & format(dtRequestStartDate,"mm/­dd/yyyy") & "# <= EndDate" & _
" and #" & format(dtRequestEndDate,"mm/dd­/yyyy") & "# >= StartDate" &
" and KennelNumber = " & me.RequestKennel

if dcount("*","tableBooking",strW­here) > 0 then
msgbox "sorry, you can't book
....bla bla bla....

The above is just an example, and I am sure you would build a nice form that
prompts the user for the booking dates. Howver, what is nice here is that
the simple condistion above does return ANY collsion....


Assuming you already have dates as part of the reservation system, A
"Checked In" button or check box and a "Checked Out" button or check box is
very helpful because there can be no shows in your reservation system and
these 2 buttons will record that the pet arrived and left.

The problem with a single button is when they leave - and you undo the
Checked In, if you look back at that record some months later there is no
certain evidence that they ever arrived and were a no-show because it is
simply NOT checked in... so the two buttons works well for longer term

Add them first as yes/no fields to your table - then they will appear on the
field list for the Form and you can add them there as well.


I am having problems being able to conect the kennel booking to the room.
Here's my set up (I used the Physcial data model for hotel reservations) I
just used the tables I needed.

tblKENNELNAME (same as Hotels tbl)
Kennel Name

tblKENNEL_NUMBER (same as hotel_rooms)

tblKennelBooking (same as Room_Bookings)

tblBOOKING (same as bookings)

Dog Name

I can make forms based on the booking, dog, & even kennel booking BUT I
can't seem to make a form that has the KENNEL NUMBER and the KENNEL BOOKING
info on it.

I even tried making some queries, but the datasheet doens't show up.
When I do make a form it will not let me enter in anything.

Somehow I don't have my linkage correct. I can't seem to link the
KennelBooking to the Kennel_Number.


You are cross referenced by the KennelNameID - so you should be able to link
KennelBooking to the Kennel_Number.

Since one booking would be in one room - it would be a one-to-one

Select the Relationships icon and take a look

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