How stop logon dialog box from appearing?



After some Win update I started getting this annoying blue screen every time
I start up and each time the screen saver shuts off. The window shows my
name, number of unread messages, and number of programs running. It also has
an option for turning the computer off. I have to click on my name in order
to see the desktop. I am perpetually having to click on my name in order to
get a normal screen again. If you are familiar
with Tweak UI/Powertoys for Windows XP, they describe the problem under
"logon" - supposedly if I check the box that says, "Logon automatically at
system startup", I will stop getting that screen but I have checked the box
and I am still getting the screen. Under "Description" for the logon box it
says, "Check the "Logon automatically at system startup" box to bypass the
initial logon dialog box by using the values provided in the User name and
Password sections. To supress autologon, hold the shift key while the system
is starting."

Here's some info on PowerToys and Tweak UI in case you are unfamiliar with
them. "PowerToys are additional programs that developers work on after the
has been released to manufacturing, but before the next project has begun.
These toys add fun and functionality to the Windows experience!

Toys released for Windows XP Client:

Tweak UI
Provides access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP
default user interface. There are many settings and options that you can
only set from Tweak UI. You can setup your mouse to your liking by setting
click speed, hover sensitivity, etc. You can also customize many Explorer
settings, taskbar settings, My Computer settings, and a wide variety of
other settings."

If anyone can help me with this "initial autologon dialog box" I would
it tremendously. It is really getting on my nerves.

Doug Knox MS-MVP

When you checked the box in TweakUI, did you enter a username and
appropriate password, if any for that account? Just checking the box isn't

You can also go to Start, Run and enter CONTROL USERPASSWORDS2 Uncheck the
Box Users must enter a username and password.......... Click apply and enter
the username you want logged on automatically, and the password for that
user, if any.

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