how many connections are allowed to a xp or w2k pro share?



there are about 15 clients (dos/98/2k) connected to a win98 "server".
if they take out the 98 server and put in xp or w2k pro, will there be grief
trying to get all users connected again?

For some reason I'm guessing the limit is 10?
but is that physical computers or is that 10 users?
can I have 15 computers with
1pc -user1
1pc -user2
1pc -user3
1pc -user4
1pc -user5
1pc -user6
1pc -user7
1pc -user8
1pc -user9
and 6 pc's logging in as user10?

thanks in advance

Bob I

Please be aware that "connections" is not "Users" nor "computers" but
connections made. A single computer may create more than one connection
to another and each will count against the limit of ten. You will need a
server operating system and the appropriate number of CALs if you want
to mak it past ten with the NT based "server".


ah... so if user1 is connecting to a shared folder and a printer that would
be 2?
thanks for the heads up.

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