how I got FP2000 to work after 7 years



I had a website made in HTML 3.2 with a text editor.
Quite simple stuff, no CSS, forms, scripts, Flash etc.
A difficult person in my family wanted to change it
with FrontPage, so...........
I tried to import it from local disk into FrontPage MM.
It didn't import properly: FP2k missed one of the files,
and renamed index.html to index.htm. After that all
attempt to correct the deficiencies only screwed up
FP even worse. When I tried to publish, the
faeces really hit the fan.
Eventually to recover I had to do the following:
Delete files from web server.
Upload files from hard disk to server with ftp.
Delete the FP web.
Install FP on a second PC.
Import from web server to FrontPage on second PC,
but into root Eigene Dateien/My Webs
(if I tried created a new web any deeper, the
whole confusion epidemic strikes again)
Copy all files from My Webs on second PC to My Webs on
first PC.
Start FP on first PC.
Publish all files to web server by ftp (it's Apache without
FP extensions).
Close FrontPage.
Restart FP, edit a file.
Publish again, only changed files.
And it worked.
Unfortunately I had to summon forth demons and sell
them my firstborn to discover how to do this.




This advice may be 7 years late, but never import an entire website.
The Import function in FrontPage should only be used for individual
files (Expression Web does it better).

To get an entire website, either open it in FrontPage and Publish it
down to your PC, or download it to a folder with FTP (if there are no FP
extensions) and open that folder with FrontPage. Importing will often
miss files -it can only get those files directly linked to the Home

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