How do you do custom animations to text WITHIN a text box

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Teacher In Need Of Help

I have a text box with a paragraph typed in it. There are no bullets or art
clip inside the text box, just words. I would like to create a custom
animation that when I click once, the first 3 sentences will turn red (the
text to turn red). Then, when I click again, the next 3 sentences will turn
blue. Finally, when I click again, the next 3 sentences will turn green.

I am a teacher, so I am having my students to point out at which point did
the author of the paragraph change topics. The author changed topics twice.
I need the paragraph to be in black ink first when the students read it on
the screen, let them guess, then I will explain the correct answers using the
3 colors to show them the topic changes.

What I have been trying is:
-Click on Custom Animation (to bring up sidebar)
-Select the first 3 sentences
-Click "Add Effect"
-Under "Emphasis", I select "Change Font Color"
-When I go to "View Show" and the text box is there in black ink (as I want)
-Then when I click once, the entire text in the text box turns red not just
the 3 sentences I original selected. What am I doing wrong?

Just incase you need to know, I am using PowerPoint 2003.

Ellen Finkelstein

The only way I can think of is to create 3 text boxes, put each section in a
text box, overlap the text boxes (the overlapping will be invisible if they
have no fill or border) and add spaces to position the text so that it looks
like one paragraph but is actually 3 text boxes. I was able to do this and
make it look pretty good. For precise placement, press Ctrl as you use the
arrow keys to move the text boxes exactly where they need to go.

In Word, you can take a paragraph symbol and make it hidden to display two
paragraphs as if they're one and apply different formatting, but PowerPoint
doesn't offer that, not even in 2007.

John Wilson

To do this

Select the textbox (no the text)
Apply a change to red

In custom animation you will see a little double arrow below the entry >
click this

Using ctrl Click select entry 4,5,6 and change colour to blue (whatever)
Now select 7,8,9 and change to green

Finally select 2,3,5,6,8,9 and change to with previous

Done and no alignment problems

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