How do I update charts in excel 2007



Hi -
I'm tracking and charting real estate data in three cities, by month. I can
add updated info into the worksheet columns, but I can't get the
corresponding points into the line chart that I made three months ago from
the columns.

Now using excel 2007. Had no trouble with this task in excel 2003, becouse I
could easily change the data range and then the chart followed the changes.
I'm new in 2007, and when I find the data range and change it to correspond
the with the updated columns nothing happens in the chart

Appreciate help




I have a line chart on the screen in front of me (EXCEL 2007) representing 3
cities and the cost of real estate.

If I change the range so that it includes only 2 cities that gets reflected
in the chart immediately.

I do not seem to be able to re-produce the problem that you are experiencing.

If my comments have helped please bhit Yes.



JoAnn Paules [MVP]

Right-click on the chart, select Select Data. that will allow you to change
the data being charted.

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