how do I test firewall from command line?


David Teague

I run XP and I have a DSL box (Westell 327w) with the
hardware firewall in this box enabled at the highest security

Steve Gibson's web site checked this from the outside.
His test gives me a "clean bill of health" stating all ports
are either disabled or are in full stealth mode.

I believe the firewall to be both inbound and outbound,
but I have not checked outbound.

ping and tracert utilities all time out. I suspect this means
that the firewall is at least blocking the ping and tracert

Would someone please tell me how to test a hardware
firewall from the computer side of the firewall beyond
my simple minded ideas.


Would think the router outgoing is open to most outgoing exploits to call
home or where ever,, how would it know its not a legit request from you? Why
would Mr. exploit writer use anything other than standard ports ?

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