How do I syncronize my Access contacts with Outlook contacts while keeping my Access contacts as the

May 17, 2012
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I am new to Access but have designed a relatively solid database with my limited knowledge. Now I am looking at creating expressions and/or macros that will automate some of the functions that my volunteers & I need.

From what I've read, you can't create a sycronizing link between Access 2010 contacts & Outlook contacts without creating the contacts inOutlook first and then allowing Outlook to create a new table in Access. I already have the contact info in Access and don't want to jeoprodize what I already have by having it overwritten by Outlook during set-up.

I tried exporting the contacts from Access into a new Outlook folder as an option but the hyperlinked email field displays unnecessary characters that prevent me from emailing properly. ie: (e-mail address removed)#
This happens with webpages too. ie:

Apparently this has to do with the translation of hyperlinked data to regular text.

Currently, I can only email by clicking the contact's hyperlinked email in Access (this opens Outlook message box with the proper email listed) or by typing/cutting & pasting into Outlook.

Why do I need this? Outlook syncs with my iPhone which allows me to have all my work contacts on the go. I used to use Business Contact Manager until it crashed. BCM sycronized with Outlook easily. Even though I love what I can do in Access--I haven't got the same seamless sycronization I used to have and it's frustrating.
I would love it if when I created a new contact in Access, it was automatically created in Outlook. The same with any data updates. All of it needs to originate in Access though.

Any help?



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