How do I suppress blank lines generated by includetexts?



I'm using includetext to pull text elements into a letter merge. There are
four includetexts for each letter:

{ INCLUDETEXT “R:\\Thank you letters\\Letter shells\\_HEADER.doc†}
{ INCLUDETEXT “R:\\Thank you letters\\Letter shells\\MajorGiftTY.doc†}
{ INCLUDETEXT “R:\\Thank you letters\\Letter shells\\_SOFT_CREDIT.doc†}
{ INCLUDETEXT “R:\\Thank you letters\\Letter shells\\_FOOTER.doc†}

Problem: The merged letters come out with four blank lines at the top.
I'm guessing the four includetexts are causing this. If that's the case, is
there a way to suppress the blank lines?

Thank you

Graham Mayor

If the fields are not on separate lines, the four lines are in the first of
the files or above the fields in the document containing them. Display the
formatting characters (CTRL+* or ¶) and identify where the problem occurs.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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