How do I stop word docs from default saving as word pad?



I'm saving my documents in word as word documents, but they are somehow
converting to word pad documents wherever I save them (desktop, my docs). I
may be crazy, but I think old word documents have also been converted to word
pad. How do I stop this?? I'm trying to email attachments, and the word pad
formatting is wreaking havoc.


Actually I just solved my own problem by reading one of the replies from Word
2002 Saving in Word Pad by Pat Gerard. I had to create a DOC file type
following Pat's instructions and then associated it with Microsoft Word.
This immediately changed all my documents back to Word. Thank you!!!


This could be one of two problems. First I would try right clicking on
one of your word documents on your desktop or MyDocuments in the drop
down menu select Open With. Then Choose Program. Then pick Word from
the list and click the little check box at the bottom that asks "Always
use this program to open these files". This should fix your problem.

The next solution would be that when you go to save a document make
sure that you save it as a .doc and not .rtf under the "save as Type"
drop down box.

Hope this helps,
Sep 1, 2012
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Amanda, excellent reply. Save as method worked immediately. I also converted all my other Word Pad files to .docx files as well. THANK YOU !:thumb:

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