How do I save a customized toolbar



Every time I customize by Excel toolbar and then restart my computer, the
toolbar reverts back to the default. Where are these settings saved?



Gord Dibben

Manual customizations are saved in a file named *.XLB

XL2000 and 2002 *.xlb file will be in Documents and
Settings\yourname\application data\microsoft\Excel and be Excel9.xlb
or Excel10.xlb

Excel 97 in C:\Windows and named username.XLB

Ecel 2003 same as 2000 and 2002 and named Excel11.XLB

Perhaps this file is going astray? If on a server, this can happen.

Also if on a server, you may not have permissions to save. See your IT guy or

Search for *.xlb and see what you come up with. When you get your
customization done, make a backup copy of the *.xlb file.

One more fact about *.xlb files. If they become too large, they
have been known to cause problems with Excel.

Gord Dibben Excel MVP


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