How do I rename the tab in IE7 for my website from untitled?



I created a new website using Front Page 2003 and posted it to the internet.
When I go to my website, the tab in IE 7 says untitled. My index.html is
comprised of two files: top.html and body.html I tried changing File,
Propreties, but it does not show the file index.html. File,Properties has
the name of my website for "Title". Suggestions anyone?

Mark Fitzpatrick

Are you using frames? It sounds like it. Then you need to give your
index.html page a title instead. You may want to look at alternatives to
frames. They were an early attempt at an easy way to 1) apply a consistent
feel to a web site, and more importantly 2) a way to help avoid loading
navigation and banner graphics on every page and to keep them in a frame
page banner or menu section (remember, this feature was introduced in the
time of 28.8 modems and bandwidth was at a premium).

Dynamic Web Templates may give you more freedom as well as avoid the
pitfalls of frames. The biggest pitfall of which is, how do you link to an
individual page? You don't since linking to that page alone won't put the
frameset elements around it.

If you're not using Frames and instead you are using the include bot to
include a top and body into the page, then only the content of the <body>
tag of each page is included. Because the title is outside the <body> tag,
it isn't included and you must set the title on the page that has the
includes in them in order for the title to change.

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - Expression

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