How do I record sound without Creative software?



On my old system, Creative installed a "What U Hear" device and an audio
stream recorder. I could cue it to run a .ASX stream at a certain time and
it would provide me a file that I could run under Winamp.

With my new Vista system, I am using the audio hardware in my Asus mobo. It
comes out of the mobo's colored RCA jacks with a 5.1 configuration and is a
good system and fine sound. More importantly, it doesn't eat up a PCI slot,
not to mention the extra heat and power.

But I can't find any way in Vista (Ultimate 64) to record "What U Hear."
Neither Windows Media Player nor Winamp will record to file. I suppose this
is the Napster syndrome.

I bought the DAK WAV Editor on their claims to be able to record from the
computer sound. But they assume a Creative installation and use the "What U
Hear" "device," which, as I explained above, I don't have. The "What U
Hear" device would be found in Device Manager/Sound/Recording. All I have
there is the Asus Array Microphone, which will record what it hears coming
out of my 5.1 speakers into the room (don't even suggest that I use that
sound!). (Also, the Windows Sound Recorder provides no options as to the
source of recording. I have the Microphone and Line In, which is says is
"Unavailable," so I guess Sound Recorder has to pick the Microphone. The
Help facility was written for Hardware and Sound/Manage Audio Devices, which
Vista Ultimate doesn't even have. The Help box requires a sound card,
probably just for the "What U Hear" software that comes with it. Apparently
Vista requires Creative!)

Is there something in Vista setup where I can get a "What U Hear" source for
recording? Or is there a package other than DAK that will provide a device
in Device Manager/Sound/Recording like "What U Hear"?



John Barnes said:
You could try this software. I have used it in the past. I believe you
do have to turn UAC off to use in Vista, but you can try it and see.

Thanks for the tip.

Actually, the product worked. But the software is very buggy.

From some rough notes, here is what I found:

In ReplayAV, select Tune to Station. Get Error Box: i - Navigation to the
webpage was canceled (it wasn't). Refresh the page. (Same error.)

Right now ReplayAV is sitting with CONVERTING Audio - WAVE under Status/Last
Recording. I don't think it is converting; it has been 3 hours, but I don't
find a .WAV file for it. Task Manager shows ReplayConverter.exe *32 is
still there but there are no CPU cycles. What do I do now?

I tried it before and converted to .MP3. But when it was done, the Replay
Converter didn't stop. When I first started with it, I found two instances
of Replay Converter running. When I apparently used the same name, it
refused, saying it was still running from before. Well, it made the file,
but it didn't quit, then duplicated. There is no Delete function. I have
to kill it in Task Manager. There is no window that shows it running with
an option to stop it.

In Settings/Sound Mixer/Test Audio Recording Methods, it will see of these audio recording methods (Mono only): Master
Volume--whatever in the world does that mean? After reruns I got different
errors and one time it actually gave a device. In CD Write, it said Drives
Cannot be Initialized - Contact Support; then, there are no compatible CDR
drives reported. It should find my brand new Liteon DVD drive, which writes
under Vista.

Then I tried to convert .asf to .wav - it said it "will start shortly as
background process. Again, checked Task Manager, no CPU at all. Dead. No
conversion. No message.

So, I'm not going to buy it. Yeah, it kinda works, but I think I need to
wait. Vista wasn't this bad.


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