How do I print without reducing to small image?



Using Word 2003 on XP Home SP2
After printing OK for many months, Word now prints a tiny image instead of a
full page.
Other applications print OK.

Example: I have a one-page doc, 8 1/2 x 11. Print preview's ruler shows the
full size.
The printout is centered at the top of the page, with size approximately 25
or 30 pages per sheet. That is, it is is shrunk to about 1.5" x 2". I can
find no setting for such scaling that I might have changed.

The printer is a Brother DCP-7020. Paper Size is Letter. Multiple Pages is
The Print Processor is WinPrint. Default data type is RAW.

Is there some setting in Word that might cause this?

Herb Tyson [MVP]

I've never seen Word default to printing that way. However, you usually can
control it by choosing File - Print, and under Zoom, setting Pages per sheet
to "1 page".

When you choose File - Print, is it defaulting to something other than 1
page? If you set it to 1 page, does it now print correctly? And, when you
return to the dialog later, is it still set to 1 page, or is it reverting to
16 or something else?


Good thoughts! But all settings are consistent with printing full-size, one
page per sheet.
My experiments suggest something is weird.
1. Word prints a tiny page.
2. I nose around the various "settings" dialogs, setting values to what
they already are.
3. OpenOffice Writer prints full-size.
4. Word prints full-size!

I need to do more experiments to bracket the setting that's being handled

Aside: I have an assortment of anti-virus and registry monitors, so I
believe there is no malware at work. Occasionally, I discover some program
is missing, perhaps from some earlier attack. And the little icons in
Internet Explorer's Favorites display sometimes disappear, defaulting to the
plump "e", and then reappear after a re-boot. I shutdown and re-boot daily.

(I suspect Sabine's Third Law is at work: Software wears out.)
(Or perhaps DiGrazia's Discordance: Software is intermittent.)

Regards, Bob DiGrazia

Herb Tyson [MVP]

OpenOffice doesn't have its own OO-only printer options. When you adjust the
Properties from within OpenOffice, you're adjusting the printer itself. You
can access Properties from within Word, too, but within the Options dialog,
there are settings that affect only Word. I don't see the corresponding
level of specificity within OO.

However, while this might explain why OO's settings affect Word, it does not
explain why OO's settings don't affect other applications. You would
expect--if it's working through the default printer Properties--that it
would affect all Windows applications.

Herb Tyson MS MVP
Author of the Word 2007 Bible

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