how do I keep hyperlinks when emailling a file?


Carmen Elena

When I email a file that has hyperlinks, the person cannot open the linked
file, even if she has the linked file in her computer the same direction




Are you certain they are the same path? This may seem a dumb question, but
it really isn't, especially if you're saving them in My Documents. In the
case of
"My Documents", the path is username dependent. So the path to My Documents
on my system is:
C:\Documents and Settings\JLatham\My Documents\
but on your machine it would be something like
C:\Documents and Settings\Carmen\My Documents\

Could that be the explanation?

Similarly, if you are working in a networked environment and saving the file
to a common area on the network, you need to be certain that you either use
the UNC path or make certain that you both have that location mapped to the
same drive letter.

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