How do I install XP over Win 2000?


C Pechal

I bought used IBM Laptop installed with Windows 2000/LAN
set up from my company. To be used for home use.

How can I install Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002
Upgrade? Can I just install over Win 2000 after erasing as
many programs as I can? Or is it more complicated?


Joseph Conway [MSFT]

You can upgrade your installation, that would keep your applications and

You can clean install the OS, this would require you to use your 2000 CD as
qualifying media during the installation.

Or you can dual boot the installs.

C. Pechal

Thanks for help: but Laptop is used purchased from
Company, I have no Win 2000 CD. Anyway I have no idea
what you mean clean install the OS (XP?) nor do I know
what you mean "dual boot", I just want to install XP over
win 2000.

Thank you for your good intentions.


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